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Sunny Saturday Painting

Beautiful day! Hard to be inside when it's so sunny outside, but with a little Earth, Wind and Fire on Pandora and a furry face in front of me, I'm in my happy place.

I'm working on another cow portrait. Yes, shocking, I know. I actually do have some other conceptual pieces in the works, but I'm starting the day with an easier warm up. This brown-eared cow was photographed during a visit to Middleton Place Gardens in Charleston. When a seemingly black cow turns to look at you with those ears, you just have to take a picture! Then for the cow obsessed painter...

Leaning on the floor is the more intimidating project. It will ultimately be a raven on top of a giant chess piece. I photographed the image at a life sized outdoor chess board. Saw an opportunity and crumbled some crackers placing them on top of a piece and ta-da, we now have the image for "Are you a pawn?" It's one of a series that might appeal to others with a slightly warped sense of humor. That one has a looooong way to go.

Happy Saturday!

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